Meet Ralph

With his enthusiastic character, Ralph is a well-known and liked colleague. He first joined TP Aerospace in Dubai in 2016, and in 2022 he joined the team again – but this time in Hamburg.

I didn't think twice about working at the company again - TP Aerospace is my destiny.

Joining TP Aerospace once again

Ralph works as a Mechanic in the production facility in Hamburg, Germany. He joined the company the first time in 2016, when a new site opened in Dubai, and he was a part of setting up the workshop from scratch back then. However, as a result of the pandemic, TP Aerospace had to close the Dubai facility in 2022, thereby saying goodbye to Ralph and other great colleagues in the company. Luckily, it didn’t take long until Ralph joined once again – this time at the Hamburg site in Germany.

The Green Team is the smart way to learn about aviation and you will grow.

- Ralph Cabinque

Since 2022, Ralph has been part of a dedicated production team in Norderstedt, a town outside of Hamburg, Germany. Together with the MRO team they disassemble and assemble the wheels and brakes coming and going from the shop. He does inspections, where he does signatures and standards of the wheels and brakes. 

“I really love my job. There is a saying: You choose the job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Every morning you are waking up and you feel happy, I feel at home here”.

A typical day for the production team starts with a quick morning update from the managers on what the status is before the staff starts working on the wheels and brakes. The shop is always buzzing and filled with good energy from the colleagues chatting and poking fun of each other and music playing.

All of the managers are very humble and down to earth, they don’t look at who you are or where you are from. We are all the same here, you will feel at home here.” 

With a BA of Science in Aircraft Maintenance and Technology from the Philippines, Ralph has always known he would work within the aircraft industry, and working at TP Aerospace has been a treat for his interest in aviation.

“The Green Team is the smart way to learn about aviation and you will grow”. 

Growth and learning is one of the reasons Ralph enjoys working at TP Aerospace, because the company supports their employees all the way and provide opportunities to grow. 

“TP Aerospace are good at sharing knowledge; they will want you to grow and lift you up […]  this is a great benefit for the company, but also for the team”

Watch what Ralph had to say about his job at TP Aerospace

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