Meet Torsten

Just five weeks after joining TP Aerospace, Torsten completed his first certification. After three months, he is looking to complete his next certification.

My uncle was a mechanic too and when I was a little child, he would take me to see the airplanes – it is my hobby.

Returning to aviation

Torsten is a mechanic in the wheel and brake shop in Norderstedt, a city outside of Hamburg, Germany. He joined TP Aerospace on December 1st, 2022, and shortly after starting at TP Aerospace he completed his first level 1 certification. Three months later, he is working on completing his level 2 certifications allowing him to take on different tasks in the shop.

Torsten has always been interested in aviation, something that was introduced to him, when he was a child. 

“My uncle was a mechanic too and when I was a little child, he would take me to see the airplanes – it is my hobby”. 

He previously worked as a heating engineer before he joined the German air force, where he was an aircraft mechanic for 15 years after a brief re-visit to the heating engineering field, he returned to the industry he was passionate about; aviation – and that is how Torsten ended up working at TP Aerospace. 

“I saw that they [TP Aerospace] where looking for mechanics here in the company, and now I’m here!”. 

What motivates me? That is very easy; it is the team.

- Torsten Zschoppe

Every morning starts with a 7 o’clock meeting in the shop, where the staff are given a status for the day. Torsten is primarily working at the wheel and overhaul line, however, the staff in the repair and overhaul facility change places sometimes.

“Everyday there is something else and it’s good”. 

It gives Torsten a chance to learn other aspects of production and work with different areas, which he then gains knowledge about.

“I make the overhaul wheels, but we change places sometimes. Then we learn the inspection, the preassembly, the final assembly. That’s good for me and the other guys. You learn a lot”. 

“Next is certifying staff” he tells about his next goal. With this certification he will be able to examine the wheels and brakes and sign off on the final approval and certification. The mechanics at TP Aerospace are always offered training and qualifications such as the ones that Torsten is taking.

The opportunities that TP Aerospace can offer him is one of the reasons he likes working here.

“Every day you have new challenges, the step by step trainings and certifications, you have ways that you can go”.  

“What motivates me? That is very easy; it is the team”, he replies when asked about what motivates him every day. The culture between the staff throughout the TP Aerospace shops is always great fun and they all have each other’s backs.

“The Green Team is a great family, we have fun every day”. 

Watch what Torsten had to say about his job at TP Aerospace

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