Operating three divisions – each created to deliver simplicity

We are the leading aftermarket provider of aircraft wheels and brakes – a one-stop-shop with everything in wheels and brakes. By combining our market expertise with our extensive MRO capabilities and global footprint, we offer a simple alternative to traditional component management.

TP Aerospace consists of three individually strong divisions with inherent differences. Each division delivers a particular service or product to the market. Together our three divisions are highly related and synergetic.

It’s that simple.


Tired of complex wheel and brake operations? Our Programs division provide aircraft operators worldwide with a simple alternative to component management.


If you need it, we probably have it! Our Components division provides operators, brokers, and lessors with unmatchable access to critical wheel and brake components.


In need of new OEM wheel and brake piece parts? Our Distribution division provides airlines, repair facilities and brokers with easy access to new wheel and brake piece parts and assemblies across all major commercial platforms.

Why choose complex
when you can choose simplicity?

Aircraft component and maintenance is a highly complex area and can become costly for an operator if a place if grounded due to maintenance issues. Not only in terms of negative impact on reputation and loss of passenger goodwill, but also because of the downstream disruptions of a delay and even possible fines resulting from late arrivals. To mitigate the risk, all aircraft are rigorously examined before every flight and operators continue to look for ways to optimize their operations and supply chain processes.

This is where we come in. Wheels and brakes are amongst the highest cost drivers of all airframe components and require the most frequent removal and replacement. They represent a major challenge for all operators, particularly due to the many separate processes and logistics challenges required to effectively handle the job at hand.

Within aircraft wheel and brake maintenance and repair, every minute counts, and smooth recovery critically depends on a speedy response with immediate availability of components, positioned in the right location at the right time.

You do you. We do the wheels and brakes.



Through our integrated wheel and brake programs, we offer tailor-made and all-inclusive solutions designed to simplify wheel and brake maintenance and repair activities for our customers.

Tailor-made and
all-inclusive solutions.

Highest level of flexibility
and cost transparency.

You pay based on actual
flight cycles. ​

We offer different types of programs depending on our customers’ needs and wishes. The different programs mainly differ in setup and structure and are tailored to the individual customer to ensure that they accommodate our customers’ short- and long-term requirements, while fully complying with their maintenance budgets.

Our fully integrated exchange Flat-Rate Programs offer a plug’n’play cost-per-landing concept where the customer pays a fixed rate per landing.
Our Four-Less Programs offer a less-integrated solution where our customers pay a fixed fee per exchange event. No matter the solution, the cost for our customers reflects their actual flight cycles, which provides full cost transparency.



With the largest ready-to-go wheel and brake inventory in the aftermarket, we support a recurring customer base on an outright and ad-hoc exchange basis, catering to both routine and AOG deliveries worldwide.

Largest ready-to-go
wheel and brake inventory
in the aftermarket

We cater to both your routine
and AOG deliveries world wide.
Anywhere, anytime.

With our extensive knowledge, expertise and highly global network of warehouses and MRO capabilities and best access to the aftermarket in the industry, our teams are experts in supporting airlines and other industry players with flexible solutions for turning their assets into liquidity through tailored agreements. Whether the surplus inventory is serviceable or in need of repair, we’re the most reliable partner to help secure the right return.

Wherever our customers are in the world, our team is ready to support them with any inquiries 24/7 all year around, whether they are in an AOG situation or looking for support on a routine delivery.



Through close partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEM), we cover wheels and brakes piece parts and assemblies across all types and platforms, we’re the ideal distribution partner for any industry player, and we have factory new OEM parts on stock ready for dispatch to customers worldwide. All governed by good pricing, minimal lead time and superior customer support. 

Factory new OEM piece parts
and assemblies ready for
immediate dispatch

Good pricing and minimal lead time

Superior customer support

Keeping up with the timely scheduled maintenance and repair activities is essential for any maintenance provider and operator when keeping a fleet on its wings. To minimize the risk of disruption to maintenance flow, our customers need easy and immediate access to parts through simplified supply chain and logistic operations. That’s where we come on.

Our team knows our customers and their needs, and we strategically stock the right part numbers in various locations while also supporting our customers in sourcing more unique part numbers.

Hyperlocal and
highly global

We pride ourselves on being a hyperlocal and highly global wheel and brake shop. A core element of our strategy is to be close to our customers and to build a strong global network of MRO facilities, customer support and commercial teams. All while still being present locally and having local teams with in-depth understanding and insight into the local culture, environment, and traditions.

We have sites in all major regions, which are operated by our local teams supporting our customers in the regions through physical proximity and increased insight into culture and conditions.With this we aim to give our customers the experience and comfort of a local supplier with the benefits of a truly global partner.

TP Aerospace in numbers


aircraft supported on
an integrated program


wheels and brakes
maintained every year


Repair facilities



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Get in touch with us using our AOG Hotline.
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.