TP Aerospace is born out of a passion; passion for the aircraft, the destinations it reaches and the endless opportunities it brings.

We’re the leading aftermarket supplier of aircraft wheels and brakes, we offer all our customers a simple alternative to traditional component management.

With a sharp niche focus, we’re the best at what we do. We combine market expertise with extensive MRO capabilities and a global footprint, and we guarantee quality, simplicity, and value for all our customers worldwide, anywhere, anytime.

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Our five simple values outline our direction, guide our decisions and encourage our behavior. Combined, our values define a unique company culture.


We want to bring out passion in our employees, our customers and anyone else we interact with, no matter what their passion may be. That is why we do what we do and that is what keeps us excited about the future.

With our aspirational vision and a clear mission, we’re dreaming big. But with the passion and dedication of our people, we know we’ll get there.

Creating new ways within the wheels & brakes aftermarket

To deliver the best, most flexible and most responsible solutions for airlines all over the world.


We’re proud of the organization and the team we’ve built: It’s a team of leaders within each their area of expertise.

As a team and as individuals, we have a clear mission to do what we do best. Rooted in a strong winner mentality and a deep commitment to deliver results, we have a heathy dissatisfaction with status quo as well as the courage to challenge and expect the best of each other.


Complexity often characterizes the business we’re in; but we’re born to make it simple. For us, simplicity is about removing noise and allowing ourselves to focus on what’s important. Both for us and for our customers. This is how we continue to be able to make swift decisions, which, in the end, is what keeps us moving forward. Simple.


Don’t be fooled by our sometimes casual and informal ways. We always have our eyes fixed on our business.

At all locations and corners of TP Aerospace, you’ll find people whose top priority is to refine performance and make TP Aerospace better. Despite a highly diverse workforce across our global operations, we all have one thing in common: we’re doers. We take pride in getting stuff done and to exceed the expectations of our customers, investors and not least our colleagues.


We’re born from entrepreneurship, which continues to define who we are and how we operate. We’re confident that encouraging our people to operate with curiosity provides the best foundation for an innovative environment and constant improvement.


But curiosity sometimes means taking risks – which may lead to failure. For us, that’s OK! As long as the risks we take are informed and we use our failures as learning opportunities. In the end, that’s how we continue to evolve as a business and as individuals.


We believe in individuality. Personality matters! Within the Green Team, that’s clear in how we live and breathe.

Having fun means something different to different people, but the feeling it brings about, is the same for all. For us, it’s about much more than creating a positive work environment and fostering good relationships. Fun is about actively seeking out humor, laughter and genuine relations in our daily work, wherever we are and whoever we’re with.

This is probably the hardest value to live by and replicate, and you need to surround yourself with passionate people to succeed. That’s us and that’s what makes TP Aerospace so unique.


We’re the Green Team!

What sets us apart keeps us flying high is our people: we call ourselves the Green Team. Together, we represent a global organization passionate about aviation.

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