Whistleblower scheme

TP Aerospace wants to act on the basis of principles of accountability, transparency and collaboration, including providing the possibility for employees, business partners and other external stakeholders to raise awareness on matters or behaviours of concern. With its Whistleblower scheme, TP Aerospace provides an opportunity to report suspicions regarding serious irregularities or illegalities in the TP Aerospace Group or for activities related to the TP Aerospace Group.

What can be reported

The Whistleblower scheme is intended for reporting of serious or suspected serious irregularities. This includes violations of laws, rules, policies, guidelines, etc. such as:

Other matters such as dissatisfaction with salaries, collaboration difficulties or similar should not reported via the Whistleblower scheme, but adressed directly within the company.

Where do you report and response time?

You can submit a whistleblower reporting form through our external site:

*Submissions will be answered within 48 hours if you share your contact information.

Anonymous submission

As whistleblower, your reporting is anonymous, and the notification goes directly to a designated member of the Board of Directors. 

Currently, board member Nina Fisker-Olesen is appointed as whistleblower manager.

However, in order to investigate the matter we encourage you to share your contact information. The actual whistleblower notification is handled through a secure and non-traceable link.

The Whistleblower scheme - a last resort

As a starting point, we recommend our employees, business partners and other external stakeholders to use our normal management structure to report suspicions and matters or behaviours of concern.

The Whistleblower scheme can be used as an alternative if your suspicion is about your nearest contact person or management in the TP Aerospace Group, or you for other reasons feel more comfortable with an anonymous reporting using the Whistleblower scheme.

TP Aerospace Group, does not allow any form of retaliation or harassment against whistleblowers. All information will be kept confidential.

Get in touch with us using our AOG Hotline.

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