Meet Oskar

Oskar started at TP Aerospace as a Customer Executive, and within a year he swapped the title to Program Manager as he stepped into a new role within the company.

My dad always said that you must be happy three out of five days in your job. I am happy five out of five days.

From Customer Executive to Program Manager in the matter of 1 year

“It feels like it’s gone by really, really quick. I had an assumption that sitting by an office desk was going to be difficult for me. I’m used to doing physical work, but I come here Monday and it feels like it’s already Friday. Time just flies by. It’s been a fast year. A lot has happened.”

At TP Aerospace there is a dedicated team of Customer Executives and Program Manager, who are each responsible for a portfolio of Program customers. There are Customer Executives and Program Managers in both Copenhagen, Orlando and Singapore, who are responsible for the customers in their region. 

As Customer Executive, Oskar was responsible for the daily operations of his dedicated programs in Europe and Middle East, which included not only daily interactions with the customers, but also with other departments within TP Aerospace. From dedicated focus on providing a high level of customer service on daily operation matters, Oskar is now turning his focus towards the continuous development of the customer relationship. As a Program Manager, he is now responsible for the further optimization of his portfolio of programs, ensuring that the programs run smoothly and provide maximum value for the customers. 

There is always something that needs your attention. I love the balance of having a structured plan and also saving critical situations. That’s why I have been in the business of aviation

- Oskar Smidt Hansen

He carries a broad variety of experience with him. From working in construction, being a veterinary assistant, to working in TV and driving art around Europe. It wasn’t until he started working at the Copenhagen Airport that Oskar found out he wanted to work in aviation.

“The good thing about aviation is that there is a lot of scheduling and planning, but also a lot of ‘fires to extinguish’. There is always something that needs your attention. I love the balance of having a structured plan and also saving critical situations. That’s why I have been in the business of aviation.”

Oskar is driven by process optimizations and has a talent for spotting the flaws and how to fix them. A talent he sees that his managers allow him to dive into. For Oskar it is important to work somewhere where management has the best interest in mind for their employees and the company, and where there is an openess to bringing forward ideas and suggestions for new processes and improvement initiatives if it can benefit the company.

“TP Aerospace is the first employer where I have had this possibility. It is rare for management to say no. Here you get the chance to see if you can develop something. There is a willingness to do things differently and an openness for new ideas.” 

Watch what Oskar had to say about his job at TP Aerospace

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