Meet Hayley

From working part time as an office assistant to finding out aviation was the place she needed to be – Hayley has grown alongside TP Aerospace.

“To me the Green Team is more than a color – it's a family”

Growing alongside TP Aerospace

Hayley works as a Warehouse & Materials Manager at the Orlando facility. She has been with TP Aerospace since 2015, where she started working part time as an office assistant while she was studying scenography. After a year of working at TP Aerospace, she found out she loved the aviation industry, and she decided to change her major.

“I was like no, I want to be in aviation for the rest of my life, so I changed my major and I've been with TP [Aerospace] ever since”.

Hayley is no stranger to the aviation industry. Her family works within the aviation industry, and she practically grew up with it. She loves the versatility the industry offers – from the airlines to the repair and overhaul facility and to the warehouses – TP Aerospace offers her that versatility that she likes about the aviation industry and especially with the growth the company has experienced.

During my eight years [at TP Aerospace], I’ve watched them grow tremendously”.

It is not only the company that grew, but Hayley grew alongside TP Aerospace. After graduating, she went from part time office assistant to a work planner position. Then she moved into a new role as a Supply Chain Manager, where she eventually proceeded into a materials role, and then a warehouse role. Ultimately, having an overview in both ends of the repair and overhaul facility in Orlando.

I'm motivated off of making the next opportunity better.

- Hayley Smith

How to make the next opportunity better is what motivates Hayley in her job.

I’m motivated off of making the next opportunity better […} forecasting, an opportunity to make a process or procedure more aligned”. 

As a Warehouse & Materials Manager, Hayley knows what is happening in both ends of the maintenance facility – what is coming in and what is expected to go through the shop. In her role as a Materials Manager, she takes care of the forecasting of piece parts for the repair and overhauls that comes into the shop and how many materials needs to be ordered and ready. The warehouse side of her role means that she is involved with the shipping and receiving of materials from the three divisions: Components, Programs and Distribution. Together with her team, she makes sure to get orders in and out in time. 

Hayley and the rest of the materials and warehouse teams have a central role in making the operations run smoothly in Orlando. By being the central link between the customer support team, Quality, Work planning and the repair facility, they are key to ensuring a timely delivery to customers.  

In Orlando we are one big family… we are here to help each other, one department might struggle, another department is there to help lift them up”. 

As Hayley has seen TP Aerospace grow, her career has grown with the company. And that is exactly how she would highlight being part of the Green Team. 

“Being here for as long as I’ve been here, I’ve seen new people start and grow along side with me. The Green Team is an opportunity to grow”.

To anyone applying for a position at TP Aerospace, Hayley has one thing to say: “Buckle up, because we are here to grow”.

Watch what Hayley had to say about her job at TP Aerospace

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