At end of October, TP Aerospace’s Singapore entity was successfully accredited to ASA-100 by the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA).

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) recently published a new regulation regarding the requirements for aviation suppliers, which requires all distributors who sell to Chinese air carriers to be accredited by the Civil Aviation Maintenance Association of China or the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA).

With TP Aerospace’s close collaboration with several Chinese airlines, it was a natural step to pursue an accreditation. TP Aerospace initiated the process to obtain the accreditation from ASA and successfully passed the audit on October 26, 2020.

The Chinese market holds a lot of opportunities for us, and since the opening of our representative office in Shenzhen in 2019, we have gained an even stronger foothold in the country” says Christina Wang, Sales & Business Development Manager, China, and continues: “It has been a natural step for us to work towards the ASA-100 accreditation, and thereby continue to expand our footprint in China, providing great value and support to Chinese airlines.

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