TP Aerospace opens wheel and brake MRO in Russia

TP Aerospace has opened the first wheel and brake MRO workshop as a foreign company in Moscow, Russia. The extension to the green family, is part of the Green Sunrise strategy, an ambitious growth plan for increasing proximity to airline customers worldwide and provide the best possible wheel and brake support, wherever in the world their aircraft may be.

With the establishment of TP Aerospace Technics Russia, the workshop has become the first wheel and brake shop in Eastern Europe. The opening is a significant move in alignment with the Green Sunrise growth strategy, a growth plan for increasing proximity to airline customers worldwide, enabling TP Aerospace to provide the best possible wheel and brake support also inside Russia.

The new workshop is located close to Sheremetyevo International Airport and consists of a combined office and workshop space, currently operated by six skilled staff, four technicians and two in management.

“We already have a good and solid customer base in Russia and in the surrounding countries; after many years of servicing airlines in the region, we have an in-depth understanding of the countries, the markets and the cultures” says Jeppe Moeller, Regional Sales Director and continues: “Airlines in Eastern Europe and Russia in particular show an increasing interest in our services, but to exploit the full potential for this, it is inevitable that we are locally present”.

In order to support the company’s future growth, it was important to find a suitable location to satisfy the demands of customers in the region. With this workshop, TP Aerospace has taken the opportunity to establish a tailor-made shop with full flexibility to meet customer demands. And with the workshop located close to Moscow SVO Airport, TP Aerospace can cater to many airline customers in the area in a highly convenient and efficient way.

“The aim of this shop was to create a lean and efficient establishment, that can deliver strong performance from the start as well as selecting the right group of people to join our team and run the shop. I believe that we have met these requirements, and that we are set to provide world class support to our customers in the region” says TP Aerospace’s Global MRO Director, Frank Rott.

With the dedication and hard work of the new Russian Green Team, the facility received approval from EASA in March 2020.

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