Multi-year wheels and brakes program with SAS Scandinavian Airlines

During the end of December, 2019, TP Aerospace and SAS Scandinavian Airlines signed an all-inclusive Wheels and Brakes Program covering the support of 124 aircraft. The program is set to go into effect January 15th, 2020.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines, the leading airline in Scandinavia, has chosen TP Aerospace’s fully integrated, all-inclusive and highly flexible Cycle Flat Rate (CFR) Program to support its full fleet of A319, A320, A321, A330, A340 as well as B737-700 and B737-800 aircraft.

The Program includes key support elements such as Component Maintenance Services (CMS), Component Pool Services (CPS), Component Inventory Services (CIS) and Logistic Services (LS) on a fully integrated basis.

I am very pleased over the signed agreement and look forward to the cooperation between SAS and TP Aerospace” Says Annika Dalsvall, Head of Contracts, CAMO, SAS.

Philip Hansen, TP Aerospace’s Global Programs Director continues: “This new partnership is a perfect testament to the operational and financial advantages of our Wheels and Brakes Programs, assisting our customers around the world realizing cost savings while also making efficiency gains. We are looking forward to bringing real value and play a significant role in securing continued operational stability for SAS Scandinavian Airlines, a globally recognized airline for its strong and professional brand, for years to come.”

TP Aerospace has been offering its Cycle Flat Rate all-inclusive Programs since 2011, and via the partnership with SAS Scandinavian Airlines, our active globally supported portfolio passed 800 aircraft.

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