TP Aerospace relocates to new and bigger MRO facility in Germany

During November, the German Green Team has been busy moving the company’s biggest MRO shop to Norderstedt after more than eight years in Quickborn. The decision to move to a new and bigger location was made already in 2017, and though the new building is only 15 minutes away, it has been a big and extensive move.

The MRO in Germany is located just north of Hamburg and is the biggest MRO shop in the TP Aerospace Group. It employs a total of 80 skilled employees who conduct repairs and overhauls on all part numbers. This extensive diversity requires streamlined operations every day.

When we took over the facility in Quickborn in 2010 and opened our very first MRO, we were just getting started and did not have nearly the same capacity requirements as we do today” says Frank Rott, Global COO of TP Aerospace Technics. “We see a lot of opportunities in this new facility in Norderstedt, and most importantly, the building allows for a much better workflow in the workshop, which will increase our capacity and ease the workload for our employees

The new facility totals 5400 sqm. of workshop, office and warehouse space, and with a completely open layout, it enables a straightforward workflow where productivity, quality and work environment are at the core.

The new MRO is scaled to handle up to 70 units a day with ideal planning and manning, and has been installed with new, state-of-the art machinery, underlining the direction in which TP Aerospace is headed.

With the new workshop, we have developed a modern and lean production facility, that will support the Green Sunrise strategy and our growth the coming years. There is no doubt that our MRO shops around the world play a vital role in ensuring that our sales divisions can continue to deliver the highest possible service to our airline customers, so we need to ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the curtain” says Mr. Rott

During the move, majority of production was shut down before returning to normal after a few days. Some work stations remain at the Quickborn facility for now and will be moved in early 2019.

An official opening of the new workshop will take place in mid-March next year, where we invite customers, business partners and others to come see the facility and celebrate with us.

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