Thomas Ibsoe, President, TP Aerospace (left) and Robert Drews, Group Technical Director, West Atlantic (right)

West Atlantic signs on with TP Aerospace

West Atlantic has engaged in a partnership with TP Aerospace for an all-inclusive wheels and brakes program to support their fleet mainly composed of Boeing 737, as well as B767, CRJ and ATP. The initial contract is for seven years, covering 46 aircraft operated by the cargo airline.

“We see a strategically perfect match between TP Aerospace and West Atlantic” Says Robert Drews, Group Technical Director, West Atlantic. “With the vision we have for West Atlantic, TP Aerospace offers an ideal solution for component management that accommodates our complex operations”

Following this new partnership, TP Aerospace will open a new MRO facility in the UK to support the fleet of West Atlantic and other customers in the region.

“We are extremely proud to have signed with such a big and renowned operator as West Atlantic. And not just because of the fleet size, but also because we identify with their growth ambitions.” Says Thomas Ibsoe, President and Founder of TP Aerospace, and elaborates: “Our business is built for catering to airlines with diversified fleets and complexity, so we strongly expect this to be a long-term partnership with a fast-growing operator with big ambitions for the future.”

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