We have welcomed new faces in the cockpit

We are proud to announce new members of the Board of Directors. Headed by the new Chairman Flemming Jensen, CEO of DSB, the Board is responsible for steering TP Aerospace in the right direction consistent with our business strategy and capital structure.

Two new members have been elected to TP Aerospace’s Board of Directors.

Flemming Jensen has been appointed new Chairman of the Board. Mr. Jensen holds the position as CEO of the Danish railways DSB but has a long history in aviation, first as fighter pilot from the Royal Danish Air Force and later in the commercial aviation industry.

This is Mr. Jensen’s only Board role, and it was the opportunity to rejoin aviation that led him accepting the role:

Aviation still runs in my veins, and I enjoy being able to use my experience and contribute my aviation knowledge to TP Aerospace; a company I consider very interesting as it has shown impressive growth and managed to take over as market leader in a relatively short amount of time” says Mr. Jensen.

Also Andrew Hoad joins the board as general member. Mr. Hoad has a long history in the industry and is particularly knowledgeable on all technical elements of aviation as well as general management. Most recently, Mr. Hoad comes from 14 years as SVP, Engineering of Emirates in Dubai.

We are proud that TP Aerospace are able to attract such capacities as Mr. Flemming Jensen and Mr. Andrew Hoad” Says Peter Lyager, CEO of TP Aerospace. “With their in-depth knowledge of aviation and extensive management and technical experience, we are confident that they will be able to contribute to the company’s strategy, enabling us to continue our impressive growth” concludes Mr. Lyager.

Mr. Jensen and Mr. Hoad join the existing board, consisting of Jesper Blom, member since 2016, and Peter Ryttergaard and Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen, both Partners in CataCap and members of the Board since the private equity fund acquired majority stake in TP Aerospace in early 2017.

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