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About TP Aerospace

TP Aerospace is a privately owned and operated company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our principles for good corporate governance are based on our Articles of Association and governed by our Board of Directors and our executive management team.

Ownership & Organizational Structure

The TP Aerospace Group consists of TP Aerospace Holding A/S and five wholly-owned subsidiaries all operating within the aviation industry: TP Aerospace Americas (USA), TP Aerospace Solutions ApS (Denmark), TP Aerospace Technics GmbH (Germany), TP Aerospace PRO ApS (Denmark) and TP Aerospace Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore). In addition, some of these entities have wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Australia.

TP Aerospace Holding A/S is wholly-owned by “CC NewCo Holding A/S”, which is controlled by the Danish private equity firm CataCap that together with co-investors Adveq and Danica holds majority ownership of 80%. The founders, Peter Lyager and Thomas Ibsøe, hold a minority share of 10% each.

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